moving & shaking

in my last post i talked about refusing to settle and knowing that there is an opportunity out there for me to pursue my passion and do what i love.

lately, i’ve been even more encouraged to keep searching for that opportunity. despite some ups and downs, i haven’t given up. it takes work and i’m more than willing to work my butt off.

but i have tried to add an even more positive spin onto things while i’m in the search. rather than focus on what’s not happening or what i don’t have, i’m focusing on making the most of what i’m doing right now.

so far it’s been working. i’ve noticed that a few things

i’m happier

that’s a big deal because i’m someone who can easily get down and discouraged, wanting to just stay at home and not talk to anyone. blame my depression or my extrovert tendencies, either way, i’m happier when i just take what i can get

time goes quicker

i was dreading work and counting down the hours until i could go home or until my next day off. of course i still look forward to coming home and jumping in my bed but now i try to make the most of my work day, making sure i feel accomplished and focused

i have more energy

i’ve been sluggish since my chest pains and it’s absolutely sucked. i’m used to being busy, busy, busy. i was finding it hard to do simple things and felt incredibly unmotivated. now that i’ve tried to see the negative things in life as learning moments or good experience, i’m ready to go and get stuff done

i’m more optimistic

i’m not feeling as low and i look forward to checking things off my to-do list. i’m encouraged to keep seeking out new opportunities and try new things

i’m less stressed

this is a BIG one. i’m such a stressed person. i will find myself physically sick because of it. with a more positive mindset, i don’t see as many things as stressors. instead, i use them to keep me going and working for change. i make sure to carve out daily time for some self-love and relaxation


all of these awesome changes have made me feel rejuvenated and ready to go.

i’m moving and shaking and i don’t plan on stopping.


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