refusing to settle

i just had a phone call with my mom. living on my own, these calls are something i really look forward to. my mom comforts me, makes me laugh and helps me find new perspective, especially when things are going rough.

but one of the best things about her is that she doesn’t expect me to always agree with everything she says. yes, i will admit that she is usually right. most mothers are. but sometimes we just see things differently and that’s the way it will be.

today, it was about my next career move. currently, i’m searching for new opportunities, specifically in the creative marketing/fashion industry. i’m incredibly passionate about this path and feel that i have so much unlocked potential (yeah, i rolled my eyes at that too but it’s actually how i feel right now). like i’m trapped and need a new job/life to challenge and open me up.

being a guardian and maternal wizard, my mom just wants me to have enough money and right now and then worry about the rest of my life later.

i wholeheartedly disagree.

i may just be 23 but i’ve already had plenty of opportunities to “just get by” and i have been so miserable. i know there is a way to make enough money and not be sorely unhappy while doing it.

she argued that most people my age aren’t worried with their life careers and just do something now until they have experience.

well, how can i get the right and best experience if i’m just taking placeholder positions?

i’m so willing to keep working retail for the third year in a row if it lands me where i want to be eventually and if i’m happy on the journey there.

i would be so so so so overjoyed to work at Anthropologie as a sales associate for a long time if it means that one day i would work in the Anthropologie Home Office or over a store of my own.

i’m more than okay with paying my dues as long as i’m happy and healthy while i’m doing it.

i’m just trying to kick ass and change the world.

can i get an amen?


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