the art of social media

i’m hannah and i’m a social media addict.

but i have no shame. i’m addicted to it because it lets me connect with people i would otherwise never know. it lets me show off my creative side, learning more about myself, my perspective and what i like. it inspires me to keep trying new things and pursue my passions. it keeps me entertained (obviously). it’s a great resource – i’ve found tons of books, shows, podcasts, clothes, stores, etc. that i now love through social media.

now, part of my “trying something new” i mentioned in my last post, i’m upping my social media game, specifically my Insta game.

i bought Capture Your Style by Aimee Song and it’s been amazing so far. i’ve already downloaded new photo editing apps, bought a Nikon camera (a very cheap, very beginner one because i’m new to this and broke) and tried out lots of her suggestions.

despite how much i’m absorbed with social media, i never realized how much one can do with it. it’s mindblowing and that’s why i’m more into this now than ever.

i’ll be honest though. it so nerve-wracking trying to get better at Instagram when you don’t know as much as these pro bloggers.

i want to stay genuine and transparent while improving my pictures and content. i want to keep my vibe (which people have commented on and that makes me so happy).

feel free to watch my Instagram game slowly but surely develop and feel free to give feedback! my handle is @hanshawwww

catch ya later, friends.


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