trying something new

it’s been a while since i’ve posted and that’s because i’ve been ridiculously stressed and overwhelmed lately. luckily, things are looking up so i’m trying to be as absolutely positive as i can. it seems to be working so far so let’s keep it up.

i’ve decided to start chasing some dreams (i know, man. being down for so long can make you pretty cliche).

my dream is to own my own business. i want to have a digital media consulting agency and i want to empower women. i want to kick butt and take names. i want to give back and help local and smaller businesses kick butt too. so, i’m trying to start now.

i broke down and bought a camera. it’s a camera for noobs and that’s okay. i am kinda a noob but i also can’t afford the camera i really want. not yet at least.

i’ve started taking photos and researching how to dominate instagram and other channels. honestly, it’s already starting to pay off and i haven’t been this excited in a while. a long while.

here’s to never giving up, getting over life’s bumps and working for yourself.


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