looking good for good

i’m a big fashion fan. i constantly read Vogue and check out the latest trends. i follow tons of fashion bloggers and have a full LiketoKnow.It account. i attempt to pull off all the trends and have as much fun as i can with my wardrobe. of course, there are times when it seriously fails, but i do it regardless.

lately, i’ve become an even bigger lover of fashion. this love isn’t for floral prints or funky denim (both wonderful though), but for the societal changes and contemporary perspectives that the fashion industry is pushing. it’s incredible that models, designers and bloggers alike are using their power for good.

*side note: i’m trying not to tear up while writing this because it just makes my heart so damn happy.*

models now come in different sizes with different backgrounds, looks and passions. there’s more diversity and a wonderful celebration of that diversity.

designer clothes are becoming (and probably always have been) a strong source for social change. from Otherwild’s “the future is female” t-shirt to NY Fashion Week, the fashion industry is encouraging political discourse and empowering females.

it’s fantastic to watch change come from so many different platforms and witness so many strong, successful women (and men) share their stories and have their voices heard.

there’s still more to be done and more changes to be made, but this is absolutely a great move in the best direction.


featured image from here.

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