patience is not easy and not fun

over the past few days, i’ve had to act with an absurd amount of patience. between ignorant critics of the women’s marches, donald trump already hurting our country, work feeling overwhelming and dealing with incredible chest pain (so i’ve been between doctors and my bed this week). let me tell you this has totally sucked. it has. not everything single thing, but almost 99% of it.

i’ve had to be ridiculously patient.

i’ve had to keep my fingers from typing passionate replies on facebook statuses and photos.

i’ve had to remind my mother that we have differing political views and i would rather not discuss them because we won’t get very far.

i’ve had to pray long and hard for this country, our women, our minorities, our future.

i’ve had to wait on medication, appointments, doctors, pharmacies.

i’ve had to wait for answers as to why i feel like i’m having a heart attack.

despite all of this, i’ve been as patient as i can because all of these people and more have been patient with me. especially my angel of a boyfriend who drove me to every appointment, waited on me hand and foot, made my bed and gave me everything i needed for the past 72 hours.

yes, i am annoyed and frustrated and disappointed, but it could be much worse.

so now that i’ve gotten that off my chest (pun intended), i feel a little bit better. i know that it’ll all be fine in a few days and that it’s really not all that bad. everything feels so much worse right now than it will just a few hours later.

so i’m going to keep taking my meds, keep praying and keep working. and if you’re feeling or doing anything like me, you keep it up too.


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