girl power

just like everyone else, i’m wrestling with the fact that donald freaking trump was inaugurated today as the President of the United States. what the hell. is this real?

now everybody has reasons to dislike, or even despise, donald. most of us share the same reasons so we are united in our sadness and anger towards the people who just made this possible.

one of the biggest reasons i hate and fear donald trump’s presidency is the chance of him taking away rights of citizens. women’s rights, minorities’ rights, gay rights, etc.

HUMAN RIGHTS, YOU GUYS. every one of those and the ones i didn’t list are human rights. rights that we have because we are living, breathing, human beings with hearts and souls and feelings.

as a woman, i now feel that need to remind trump and the national (along with local) government that i am still 100% HUMAN as a woman. my lack of a weird appendage between my legs does not make me less of a person. it definitely doesn’t take away my rights.

that’s why i couldn’t be more proud of the women AND men marching tomorrow in washington. i so dearly wish i could be there but my time will be spent with another cause for women, my training as a Girls On The Run coach. i’ll be thinking of and praying for the people marching as i learn how to teach girls to be their best and strongest selves.

and as for you, donald, you’re a fool to think you’ll last long in office. and you’re an even bigger fool because you have yet to realize that #TheFutureIsFemale.


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