call it a comeback

when i finished my first half marathon and grumbled out “holy shit” as i was handed my medal, i knew i was in love. i was in love with long distance. long distance lover. in total, i’ve run three half marathons and don’t plan to stop. unfortunately, long distance and i took a break due to a few injuries and an affair with stress and depression. luckily, i’m doing much better and long distance and i are working things out.

this year, i’ve decided that i am going to run my first marathon. yup. 26.2 freaking miles. it’s going to be awful and wonderful and miserable and fun. i can’t wait. i’m so scared but i can’t wait.

and today i went for my first run since november. it was great but pretty shitty. the feeling of running, being back out there, was phenomenal. it’s just the realization that i’m way out of shape that sucks. thankfully my beautiful new Nike running shoes kept me motivated.

to make sure my motivation doesn’t start to disappear, i’ve committed to being a SoleMate for Girls On The Run, a fantastic nonprofit that encourages girls to run and push themselves. it’s a way to help girls know that being physically fit isn’t just for boys and that they can accomplish anything they set their minds to. as a SoleMate, i fundraise while i train for my marathon. every $205 i raise pays for a girl’s tuition to the program. money should never be a barrier that keeps a girl from realizing her potential.

if this sounds cool to you (and it should) then please consider donating. anything gets me closer to helping a girl. ditch that sugary starbucks drink one day and use that $5 for this campaign. here’s the link to my page. thanks for even reading this far and thanks a ton for donating!


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