snow saves the day

it happened again. snow struck the south and a shutdown ensued. whoever complains about this is absolutely insane. this is terrific. it makes me feel like a kid again. snow days will always be here in beautiful north carolina. but that’s not because we’re stupid or overdramatic. no, no, no. it’s merely because we’re not fully prepared to handle this. especially when it happens right after weather in the high 60s in freaking January.

so i had a spectacular snow day. i spent with someone i love dearly doing pretty much nothing. we adventured in the cold, cuddled up and watched a movie (or two) and i worked from home because i would still like to get paid.

but the reason for the post is to share how different this snow day was for me. they’re almost always filled with the same things: fresh snow, frozen fingers and toes, hot chocolate and plenty of blankets. this time had all of that, of course, but there was something else.

this feeling of so much content and appreciation. throughout the day i couldn’t think of anywhere else i’d rather be. the only thing that could’ve made it better would’ve been more snow (and also a snowboard). i haven’t felt that truly happy and fulfilled in a long time.

now i realize this might seem silly and, well, that’s because it kind of is. it’s silly that something as insignificant as a random snow day made me feel this way. and it’s silly that it took a snow day to make me remember and appreciate just how lucky i am.

i have friends who love me at my best and even more at my worst. i have a family who cares for me deeply and loves group texts. i have a boyfriend who treats me better than i could’ve ever imagined. i have so much to be thankful for and i want to make sure i keep that on the forefront of my mind throughout this year and every year to come. i never want to take advantage of it and i want to make sure these people know just how much they mean to me and the joyous impact they all have on my life.

i guess what i’m saying is don’t wait until a silly snow day to cherish the people in your life. do it now. do it everyday. do it in different ways. do it always.


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